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Lounge of The Russian-Ukrainian War

Ukraine is through the heart of the winter and Russia is now turning out the lights with these power plant hits. Putin let them keep their heat for the winter, but I think things are about to get less static. Notice no talk of any "summer counteroffensive" on the Ukraine side (that's all we heard about 12 months ago). It bodes for a Russian summer push.

Before, it appeared that both sides were playing "not to lose." Now that Putin secured an overwhelming reelection, he's more likely to get aggressive. OTOH, Biden desperately needs to not lose this war before election. This summer will see if US .mil has developed any new tricks or wunderwaffen. NATO mobilization is madness and just impractical. Ukraine can only equip, train, and arm so many men at one time. Advantage Russia.

My 2 cents at least.

That's actually an excellent point about leaving the power and heat on for the winter, seems like they are trying as much as possible to keep the civilian population out of the crossfire and minimize the effects of the smo.
Contrast that with the other side actively targeting civilian areas and doing "double taps" when the emergency personal respond to the initial strikes.

Not really expecting any big arrow pushes or large, all out assaults this summer, it would seem RU will just keep the pressure all along the line and slowly chip away at the defenses. It has been working quite well so far, why make big changes?

Read the comments, a lot of the upvoted comments would have been unthinkable on Reddit even a few weeks ago. If Reddit is starting to acknowledge reality then imagine how bad things must really be?

Could this also be part of a “softening people’s expectations” campaign? Comments critical of NATO suddenly being upvoted, blame the situation on Republicans stopping aid, then when Trump gets in the narrative will be how Republicans kowtowed to Putin and how we totally, definitely could have defeated him.
Ukraine nearly depleted of AA missiles, about to receive small resupplies of French missiles and Greek S-300s that should last a month or two.

Also: good news for Russian Babooshkas:

As of today, Volodymyr Zelensky is illegally occupying the office of the president.
Wikipedia articles have been changed.
Media blackout and censorship on any coverage of this fact (that wikipedia itself admitted weeks ago--i posted it in the thread) is in effect.
Distraction methods in place.

The only media story I can find is Oleg Soskin, a former Ukrainian official who has been cited dozens of times by mainstream media since the war began, stating (machine translation):

On Sunday, Vladimir Zelensky’s official term as President of Ukraine expires, after which his status will no longer be legitimate
“Sunday, March 31, will be a black day for Zelensky, because this is the last day of his constitutional powers,” the expert noted.
“Zelensky is no longer president. New elections need to be held, and the question still arises whether he can be allowed to vote due to the fact that he violated the constitution,” Soskin said.

The expert recalled that on May 14, martial law ends in Ukraine, and all Zelensky’s decisions, including those on its extension, will henceforth become invalid.

Presidential elections in Ukraine were supposed to take place on March 31, 2024, but they were canceled due to martial law and general mobilization. Zelensky himself stated that the elections are now “not the right time” and called for an end to this issue.
Well, actually I did find ONE other source when searching for this news:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to rule forever and that Russia's presidential election was an illegitimate imitation.

Zelenskiy said in his nightly video address that "the Russian dictator is simulating another election," and that Putin was "sick for power and is doing everything to rule forever."

"There is no legitimacy in this imitation of elections and there cannot be. This person should be on trial in The Hague. That's what we have to ensure," he added.
Total clown. You're the dictator! Says the usurper to the most popular democratically elected leader in the world.

The corporate exodus from Russia since its 2022 invasion of Ukraine has cost foreign companies more than $107 billion in writedowns and lost revenue

Moscow demands discounts of at least 50% on foreign asset sales and has steadily tightened exit requirements, often accepting nominal fees as little as one rouble

So far this year, sales of assets owned by Shell (SHEL.L), opens new tab, HSBC (HSBA.L), opens new tab, Polymetal International (POLY.MM), opens new tab and Yandex NV (YNDX.O), opens new tab have been announced, totalling nearly $10 billion and at discounts as high as 90%. Last week, Danone (DANO.PA), opens new tab said it received regulatory approvals to dispose of its Russian assets, taking a total loss of $1.3 billion.

Western nations froze around $300 billion of the Bank of Russia's gold and foreign exchange reserves after Russia's invasion. Russia has promised to retaliate against EU proposals to redistribute billions of euros in interest earned on its frozen assets, warning of catastrophic consequences and saying any attempt to take its capital or interest is "banditry".Russia's state RIA news agency calculated that the West stood to lose assets and investments worth at least $288 billion if Moscow were to retaliate.

Renault (RENA.PA), opens new tab will transfer its 68% stake in Russia's biggest carmaker Avtovaz to an auto research institute for one symbolic rouble, Russia said on Wednesday, the latest example of local institutions snapping up bargains as Western firms flee.

Renault's factory in Moscow, which produces cars under the Renault and Nissan brands, would be passed to the city's government

More than 750 companies have announced they are curtailing operations there to some degree

British energy company Shell was reported to be in talks with some Chinese firms to sell its stake in a major Russian gas project.

It's like the frog and the scorpion meme except without the frog 🤣

The tragic hilarity of this is at least two-fold:
  • Ukraine had poor demographics for years prior to 2022 and even 2014, well below replacement levels.
  • Men are being forced to fight, lose limbs and die, but no such pressure is on the liberated Ukrainian women living the subsidized high life in the EU to birth out kids for the state.
If Ukraine actually wished to pursue a strategy of proper demographic management in the context of war, abortions would be banned and women engaging in lifestyles that undermine the family and femininity would be shunned and ostracized.
Depopulation is one of the main objectives of Blackrock and the neocons. From their perspective, things are going swimmingly well, though they would have preferred if the war stayed in a stalemate and the grind went on, as opposed to Russia winning soon.

Russia definately isn't going to win anytime soon. Ukraine will be joined to NATO and mass mobilization of EU cannon fodder will be sent in. This is happening right on queue, I predicted back on RVF that after 3-5 years when Ukraine lost all of their men the Europeons would be sent in next.

People who doubt this still truly do not understand our globohomo masters.
There are limits to their power, partly due to the inconsistencies in their program. For example, they can't soyify the population, dismantle the military culture, antagonize the heirloom population base and expect the youth to fight useless wars in large numbers.
There are limits to their power, partly due to the inconsistencies in their program. For example, they can't soyify the population, dismantle the military culture, antagonize the heirloom population base and expect the youth to fight useless wars in large numbers.
You've got it completely backwards. A soyboy population isn't going to do squat to resist a draft.