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Donald Trump

So if Trump does release the 911/Kennedy Files, could we just get the abridged version for the normies and BoomerCons? A little something like this....
They are going to kill him.
He's too useful to the JQ to be JFK'd.
If anything we're the ones that will get "killed" in so many ways as a result of the Trump hysteria. I'm genuinely extremely worried about this. Again, it's an obvious setup to get more control and power for the elites.
All these "elections" are distractions from the fact that most lower-middle-class people are working more hours for less money while the cost of housing, food, and medical care doubles, triples, and quadruples. 25 years ago I was making $18/hr delivering pizzas for Domino's and my rent was $500 a month for a one bedroom apartment in Hollywood. Now the Domino's drivers I talk to in that same area are making $16/hr and that same Hollywood apartment rents for $2000 a month (not to mention that being a delivery driver in today's LA is 10 times more dangerous than it was 25 years ago).

Most everyone here accepts that the elections are rigged and that the jews have been inserting their guy into the oval office for the better part of 70 years. So they did this every election cycle except for 2016? Trump (like all presidents before him) is a JQ pawn who was placed into office in 2016 because it was what was best for the jews. The only reason he got in in 2016 is because They wanted him in. They kicked him out in 2020, and now they're bringing him back in 2024 because their AI 4-D Chess Super Computer told them it was the best way to further consolidate JQ power while dividing and conquering guys like us.
Is there a quick tweet/summary of all the shananigans that happened in this case?
Taken from:

  • they accused him of a book-keeping crime
  • that’s a misdemeanor with a 2 year statute of limitations, which expired ages ago
  • so they rose it to a felony by saying it was in an effort to cover up another crime
  • that has a 5 year statute of limitations, which expired in 2021
  • but wait! COVID paused the statute of limitations, didn’t you know? as if that makes sense…
  • oh shit even that is not enough, judge also ruled they would extend statute of limitations while Trump was out of state (I’m serious)
  • no underlying crime was ever alleged and allowed to be defended.
  • prosecutors closing arguments, and they got to go last, vaguely referenced 3 crimes that Trump didn’t do (and was never accused of)
  • instructed jury they didn’t need to be unanimous
  • split up jury in groups of 4 so they couldn’t deliberate together
  • many witnesses were denied and many other ridiculous antics
List goes on and on, like the millions in payment the judges daughter is getting. You know…when I write it all out like that it seems like it might be unfair.

What did I miss?

Edit: thought of more…

  • the crime was stated it was bad because it was to help an election. so a politician spending money on an election is illegal now I guess.
  • the “book keeping crime” of course was not done by him, but his bookkeeper.
  • she testified she did this with no knowledge of Trump
  • the “legal expense” was for an NDA
  • it was for hoe Stormy Daniels, who insists it was part of a settlement
  • she also has claimed publicly for years they never slept together. So at best she is claiming the payment was an extortion payment.
  • Michael Cohen is the only one who claimed Trump even knew about this
  • but he also confessed to stealing tens of thousands from that same org and has been to jail for lying.
  • Congress has paid out almost $20m in hush money with your tax dollars. but Trump doing it is a crime
Mostly payments and bribes not declared to tax authorities, and falsifying business records .
Is that it? By the headlines you would think he commited treason or started a war and had some kind of organised crime operation going, it should be a felony for someone to take away the money that a person earns the taxes we have to pay are criminal
Technically he was convicted of 34 transactions that should have been handled differently. However, these charges are questionable at best. The basis in law for these charges is weak or nonexistent.

These 34 charges are normally misdemeanors. However, they can be classed as felonies when committed as part of another crime.

However, they never specified what the other crime was, and the jury was illegitimately instructed that they didn't need to identify such a crime to find him guilty. He has not been charged with any other crime that would be suitable!

In other words, the case and the charges are completely unfounded, as every lawyer and politician knows, along with every foreign government.
I think they also refused to show the trial on TV which is already suspecious, they already tried to impeach the man twice and failed the fact they didnt bring this up back then shows its just a new scam they thinking of
iv been thinking about Nelson Mandela lately and Trump, all the liberals love Mandela yet he killed people, bombed shopping malls with civillians in it, comitted over 150 sabotage attacks against his country, was an actual felon and served decades in prison, was a member of the communist party his entire life, committed adultery and had 3 wives in his life and at least 1 girlfriend we know of, his wife winnie Mandela kidnapped a 14 year old and assaulted him (Stompie) and an assasin who was sentenced for murder confessed in court that Winnie Mandela asked him to kill people, but hey Trump is the devil because he transfered his own money around👍🏻

Maybe we should start a thread dedecated to this?
Mandela never threatened the delusions, lifestyle, and worldview of deranged leftists and criminals.

Women at their core want a strong man who takes charge, isn't afraid to take risks and get into altercations if necessary, and wields some sort of authority, even if it's perceived. Worldy men usually look up to whatever figure is the most popular, successful, or feared. Probably the biggest reason right now is liberals have been indoctrinated to hate anyone with white skin, including themselves.

If Nelson was white there probably wouldn't be much love.

To liberals, Trump is possibly a representation of the now gone classic white America and its values which run pretty much contrary to everything they believe. In addition I think he subconsciously triggers their massive inferiority complexes.

  • Speaks his mind freely without worry of the consequences. This obviously works to his disadvantage sometimes since he speaks a little too much often to massage his own ego and gives enemies ammo to use against him. But compared to your average faggot beta and liberal who are quite usually two faced, gossipers, or are afraid to say what they really think, this must really infuriate them.
  • Doesn't embrace the current ghetto culture that's infesting every aspect of personal and social life, mannerisms, and entertainment everywhere. His vocabulary isnt sophisticated or polished but he speaks properly. On the other hand most liberals only care about being accepted and fitting in. To be an outcast is like a death sentence to
  • Almost always dressed in style. Mostly suits or polos with pants. Clothes are well tailored and fitting. Doesn't dress like a hobo pretending to be poor like many rich kids and hipsters today.
  • No tattoos.
  • May have been born rich and had some help from his father but used that money to create his own wealth and enterprise instead of mooching off of his parents like most rich liberals do today.
  • Doesn't really virtue signal.
  • Doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs.
  • Has game, charisma and has dated model tier women. We'll ignore any p4p here which I'm sure happened quite frequently.
  • Pretty much firm on his personal morals. Usually doesn't budge.
  • Religious.
I guarantee you if his skin color was a darker shade he wouldn't get 1/4 of the hate he's gotten over the recent years.