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Clown World Thread

If my dealer is any indication it will be repossessed in 8 months
I know it. That's why the interest rate is so high, because the finance company figures they need to get enough money out of the deal to make a profit after the likely repo.

If the buyers can afford a payment like that, they should be frugal and sensible, and then they would have good credit, but they make bad decisions in spite of having that kind of money to put on a car payment, at least in the short term.

What a pervert. You'd think he'd at least do that at home, or in a locked bathroom somewhere. Why go to a public park to do it?

Actually, I guess it's a known thing that gays cruise public parks looking for other gays to have sex with. He must have figured if he went out to the park and stuck things up his butt, some other gay guy would come along and join in.

I think he deserves 50 lashes at the whipping post, laid on well, but maybe it should be 100.
Update to a story some of you may remember.

The journalistic rules about New Pronouns make it hilarious to try to understand what is really going on here.

A district court judge Wednesday denied a pair of dueling $6,500 small claims petitions that centered around a transgender woman's attempt to get her surgically removed testicles back after they were kept for months in her ex-boyfriend's refrigerator.

"They were rotting in my fridge, and it was disgusting — I've got food in there I wanted to eat," Wojciechowski told the judge. "She didn't keep them in a biohazard container like she was supposed to."

Since the testicles had been discarded, the judge said he was unable to grant Kingsley's request that they be returned to her

Kingsley, who clutched a small black comfort dog throughout the hearing, said the March 23, 2022 surgery at Henry Ford Hospital cost $20,000, although she said because she's disabled, the state footed the bill.

Lol. I guess the judge really just gave up and said, both of you freaks go home.

Makes me feel really good, knowing freaks can have this surgery done at my expense, while I am one emergency away from a medical bankruptcy.
Those last two links are on the clickbaity side, and not as Clownish as it first seems.

"The first Woman to Marry an AI Hologram" is a performance art project/publicity stunt, and not an actual romantic relationship. She's quite open about that. Its purpose is to make people think and talk about real relationships, loneliness, and the future. The AI has been trained using traits of her former partners (more specifically, her interpretation of those traits) so, by design, it's almost certainly not going to end well.

The blocking of the new Tennessee law has nothing to do with them wanting you to get AIDS, or to encourage it's spread.

It simply violates an existing Federal act. You can't punish somebody more harshly for a crime based on whether or not they are HIV positive, it's against the law and will not stand up in court. Either the new law, or the existing act needs to be revised to be legal. As far as I can see, that's it.