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The DEI Thread


Purpose of this thread is to discuss and post anything related to "Diversity, Equity, Inclusion" aka DEI. Not sure if DEI need its own thread since it is getting a lot of attention lately as things will continue to get bad.

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Hey @united

On July 29, a United plane was nearly totaled after a hard landing

Who was flying that aircraft?

Was the co-pilot a former flight attendant who was FIRED and then rehired through United’s DEI program despite being on a list to not return to United?

Am I correct that this individual failed multiple trainings including simulator training?

Am I also correct that United has covered up this DEI disaster and many others?

Was the #2 at the Denver hiring center also onboarded through DEI? Did she or did she not change fail grades for DEI hires because “it makes the numbers look bad”?

Did the instructor who failed this co-pilot ask corporate why they passed him?

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The person could possibly have been on OE (Operating Experience). This means they just finished training and just began flying the airplane with an experienced captain. If they cratered the plane during OE they clearly need more training or need to find another job. The color of your skin doesn't affect how you fly an airplane. Delta, American, and United need to learn this. This is how badly bent the fuselage was from this landing. The plane was totaled.

Yikes...note the damaged plane. 👀




NTSB Shares Preliminary Report On United Airlines Boeing 767 Hard Landing In Houston​

The NTSB has issued a preliminary report on what might be N641UA's last landing, a hard landing with multiple bounces.
  • A United Airlines Boeing 767-300ER experienced a hard landing at George Bush Intercontinental Airport, causing significant damage and triggering an NTSB investigation.
  • The hard landing occurred after the nose wheel made contact with abnormal force, causing multiple bounces and putting extra strain on the aircraft's nose gear.
  • The 767-300ER involved in the incident, N641UA, is the oldest member of United Airlines' 767-300ER fleet and now faces doubts about its ability to handle further flights due to visible stress on its skin.
  • A July 29 hard landing of a United Airlines Boeing 767-300ER in N641UA not just caused significant damage but is under National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation. According to the NTSB’s preliminary report, the aircraft “sustained substantial damage” from a hard landing.
One rough landing
United Airlines Flight 702 was an uneventful flight with a Boeing 767-300ER from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) to George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), Houston, Texas right up until the hard landing. According to the NTSB’s preliminary report, while landing at IAH, the First Officer was flying and, despite best efforts to keep the nose wheel from bouncing,

The nose wheel made contact with abnormal force. The airplane appeared to bounce, and he reacted by pulling aft on the control yoke, in an effort to keep the nose wheel from impacting the runway a second time. Subsequently, the speed brakes deployed, and the auto brakes engaged which resulted in a second bounce of the nose wheel.

These bounces caused 1.4 times the weight of gravity to hit the nose gear the first time. After the speed brakes deployed, the second bounce put 1.6 times the weight of gravity on the nose gear, and the third bounce after the thrust reversers came out was the same force of 1.6 g. Then, the pilot took over control. The aircraft then made a safe taxi to the gate.

However, there was clear visible stress on the 767-300ER skin. This means that there are doubts the 767 can handle further pressurization cycles and the aircraft has not been flown since.
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Below Popular Mechanics' article is from February 14, 2023.

A United 777 Nearly Plunged Into the Ocean After Takeoff From Hawaii. WTF Happened?​

The plane took a nose dive for 21 terrifying seconds.
  • A United Airlines Boeing 777 plane taking off from Hawaii last December came within 775 feet of hitting the ocean less than two minutes after takeoff.
  • Passengers on board told CNN it felt like a roller coaster and that there were screams on the plane.
  • The investigation into the incident is ongoing.
About a minute after taking off from Maui, Hawaii on December 18, 2022, United Airlines flight 1722 lost 1,425 feet of altitude. The Boeing 777 came within just 775 feet of sea level before pilots were able to correct the dive, avoid plunging into the ocean, and restart the climb.

Using data from FlightRadar 24, The Air Current was the first to report on the horrifying United Airlines Boeing 777 dive weeks later. While no injuries were reported, CNN says that passengers knew something was amiss during the plunge, which would have spelled certain catastrophe if it lasted even seconds longer.

“It felt like you were climbing to the top of a roller coaster,” passenger Rod Williams II told CNN. “It was at that point there were a number of screams on the plane. Everybody knew that something was out of the ordinary, or at least that this was not normal.”

Data shows that over a minute into the takeoff from Kahului Airport in Hawaii, the Boeing 777 reached 2,200 feet above sea level. But then, in the span of just seconds, the airliner made a nose dive at 8,600 feet per minute, losing 1,425 feet and coming within 775 feet of sea level before the plane recovered, regained its climb, and had no other issues on route to an early arrival in San Francisco.

About 10 minutes following the nose dive, Williams says someone from the cockpit told passengers that everything was going to be okay.

But they didn’t say what happened. And neither United nor the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are really saying much now, either.

The Air Current reports the nose dive was on the same day that 25 people were injured on a Hawaiian Airlines flight to Honolulu in the vicinity of Maui, and the National Weather Service says the day had heavy rainfalls that produced flash flood warnings.

Whether weather was a factor or not, the FAA says the incident is still under investigation. An initial investigation from United, the FAA, and the pilots’ union “ultimately resulted in the pilots receiving additional training.” Gee, thanks.
This is real and it will take some sacrifice to stop it. First, if you are in any type of managerial role, absolutely do not bend to this sort or thing. Second, lawsuits. What that Reddit poster above is describing is illegal. I have also seen where positions are left open until they find a diversity hire.

Document the heck out of it. Record who was at each meeting, who said what, who made what decision, the name of the candidates who were rejected all of it. Before anyone blackpills (it’s becoming too much in some threads) and says it will never work it all depends on your case and lawyers. I leave you this:

On a side note, to the mods…Black pilling without providing actionable potential solutions should result in a warning and a ban if continued. I don’t want to come to this forum to read about constant despair. Just my opinion. Pointing to real issues is fine, creating a vibe of constant despair just brings everyone down.
Yes it is only sportsball but the feminisation of (association) football referees. presenters, commentators and pundits with DEI hires is supposed to demoralise company men, men who bond over a common sport and a hobby. Everyone knows that an international woman's football team was beaten by an under-15 schoolboy team.

As far as the B1, I read that it is likely a mix of actually having qualified pilots, due to the extreme complexity of flying the jet, but also parts are hard to come by and the quality of the parts is dropping, due to outsourcing.

I have no idea if this is true or not, I just read about this and was told to "expect more of this".




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#BREAKING: Alaska Airlines Forced to Make an Emergency Landing After Large Aircraft Window Blows Out Mid-Air

#Portland | #Oregon

A Forced emergency landing was made of Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 at Portland International Airport on Friday night. The flight, traveling from Portland to Ontario, California, faced severe depressurization, causing the ejection of a large window section and an unoccupied seat. This incident resulted in a child's shirt being ripped off. The Boeing 737-900/-9MAX aircraft reached a maximum altitude of 16,300 ft before safely returning to Portland International Airport. As of now, it remains unclear if anyone on board the flight was injured, as this story is still developing.
#UPDATE: More photos show the damage after the severe depressurization of Alaska Airlines Flight 1282. The flight was operated by a Boeing 737-9 MAX, which rolled off the assembly line just two months ago and received certification in November 2023.

@Strongsmell01: I left Cargill because of the quality of people they are hiring it is a non stop near Miss Extravaganza we made hydrochloric acid 50% caustic and 13% hyperchloride that's bleach and there are people working there that I wouldn't trust to dump hot dog water let alone manage tanks with hydrochloric acid and bleach in them chlorine reactions are a regular occurrence now in that plant it's only a matter of time before someone dies.

It is a good job the aeroplane hadn't yet reached its cruising altitude where the pilot might have switched off the seatbelt sign. Quite a few portly Portlanders would have had the same fate as Auric Goldfinger.
DEI is insidious but it’s all games when you’re creating useless paper pusher jobs in the office. It’s an entirely different thing altogether when they’re hired for positions where people’s lives are at risk. That person who shouldn’t have gotten into medical school may be operating on people soon.

Look at that Harvard president, you’ve got to be kidding me.
While larry fink, bill gates, jeff bezos, and elon musk fly in their private jets that are constantly maintained by top-tier aircraft mechanics and flown by unvaxxed aryan slave pilots, everyone else has to endure the communist game show of commercial flying where the dangers are manifold: poor pilots, the breakdown of aircraft due to poor management and hiring of maintainers and safety inspectors, and rabid ninjas and schizos getting out of hand, often violently, during flight.

I would certainly fly much less in the near future unless you can be sure of who your aircrew is. Or check out each airline individually to see their historical firings and hirings during 2021-2023 to get an idea of how statistically possible it is for you to be flying with vaxxed pilots, DEI pilots, or worse, both.
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It’s kind of a good thing to be honest. We’re in this mess because of too many comfy boomers. When it starts affecting them and their retirement, and the world gets to wobbly even for them, maybe we’ll see some change.

A nice, good hot war. Not an intervention or an international rivalry Cold War situation. A peer to peer hot war. Or a nice, good famine would probably do something about this insanity. I probably sound nuts but go see the “boomer generation” thread for more information.
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@PadraigMartin: Crazy experience in Sephora

With five daughters and a wife, I inevitably end up in some female type store around Christmas. Well, I was shopping at Sephora for final stocking stuffer stuff - lip glosses, lotions, etc. Every single advertisement is a black female with a handful of Hispanic models. Not a single White female on a single posted ad. One ad had a White man with a beard and a sequin dress for some fragrance. Literally, not one White female. All of the make up, lip gloss, etc, is black or Hispanic. Zero Whites.

I wander around before leaving empty handed mostly because - even if I supported the obvious social justice agenda of the store - I cannot tell what certain colors will look like against my wife or daughters' skin tones. I have no advertising options to see what colors X, Y, or Z would look like against the same skin tone as 64% of the United States.

Anyway, out of no where, a very frustrated White woman - well dressed, clearly upper Middle Class in a camel coat and church attire - crashes into me and almost tackles me. She briefly apologizes and proceeds to storm out the door, speaking to someone on her Bluetooth. Furious. We walk out the same time.

Her: "This mother f***ing store does not have a single f***ing White model... no, not one... f*** this bull**** ... this is all bull****... f*** all of this..."

I got caught walking behind her as she cussed like a sailor all the way to her Lexus SUV.

I do not condone cussing like that, but I 100% felt the legitimacy of her complaint.