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Electric Vehicles Thread (Bikes, Cars, Trucks, etc.)

One of my clients has the Ford Lightning for almost a year now.

He also has an early 90s F-150 regular cab. The windows are always down and the dog is only ever a quick hop onto the bench seat. Keys always in the ignition or in the visor.

Guess which one is his daily errand vehicle?

This guy sold his company about 10 years ago for $800m so has the means to buy whatever vehicle he wants. The lightning isn't what he thought it would be for a long haul truck, and is too fancy for just getting in and going for his errand running. So it sits for long periods.
That's it.

All marketing aside, all hypes, narratives, commercials, status.

You just want something that works, where you don't care on a scratch, something that drives when you leave it for a month, you can move stuff, go on a vacation, be kind of safe, something i can repair myself.

It's real funny how impactful marketing is. How cars have become something else in the mind, than what it is in reality.

Like the guy with the F150, could be me.
Cybertruck is out. Saw one on the road yesterday. Here's a test of it's usefulness as a truck (towing) against a Ram 2500 Cummins:

Cliff notes:

In perfect weather, towing the trailer drained the battery in about 80 miles. The Ram used about a 1/4 tank of fuel in the same distance.

It also cost more to recharge the battery than it cost to refill the Ram with diesel...
I haven't seen it mentioned in this thread, but I have seen clips/videos about people measuring the unhealthy levels of electromagnetic radiation inside an operating Tesla. Measured at being equivalent to standing 1 or 2' in front of a running microwave, except for long periods of time.

Has anyone heard or seen information to that effect?