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General European Politics / Current Affairs

El Dorado

Other Christian
Hello all,
I'll start this thread to deal with general politics / current affairs of European nations not already listed here in the Europe section of the forum.

For starters, I've just learned that earlier today, Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot several times at the site of a Cabinet meeting in the city of Handlova and is currently in life-threatening condition.

I know next to nothing about Slovakian affairs, but it appears that Fico is a conservative, populist leader; Euro-skeptic, pro-tax reform, against military support to Ukraine, opposed to the LGBTQXYZ perversion agenda, etc.

Anybody else have anything to share about Slovakia?
It looks like Robert Fico will make it.

"Good evening friends, I am speaking to you from a hospital in Banska Bystrica, where Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico is currently undergoing surgery...

according to latest information from doctors, the surgery should be successful and the Prime Minister will be transferred for treatment and over the next 24 hours will be observed in an Intensive Care Unit and will receive Intensive care to ensure there will be no complications

All of us Slovaks who love Slovakia and who value the work of Prime Minister Robert Fico, are crossing our fingers and praying for his health."

"For Slovakia..."