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Clown World Thread

At first I mixed up Tom Holland for Tom Hardy, but once I saw the pictures, I wondered which is which?!?
Someone who looks like this thought we need a black woman as Juliet
I did not see this coming.

Former La Vergne, Tennessee, cop Maegan Hall claimed she was “sexualized” to explain her trysts with six male cops on the force. She filed a federal lawsuit last year, which was settled this week for $500,000.

Hall, 28, made national headlines last year after her stationhouse sexcapades went public, including affairs with her supervisor, Sgt. Lewis Powell, and others.

According to an internal investigation, Hall hooked up with several colleagues, sent them nude pictures and went topless in a “Girls Gone Wild”-themed hot tub party — and even performed oral sex on two cops while on duty.

She also allegedly had a threesome with one of the cops and his wife, according to the city’s report.

I expected no punishment for her atrocious behavior, but giving her $500,000????
Knowledge of the law is now racist in Washington

Nuclear levels of clown world. And it really goes to show how utterly incompetent most of the people in these "oppressed, underrepresented, discriminated, minority, 'non-privileged', marginalized" groups are. Despite being given insane handicaps to both do well academically and career wise they still fall short so even more barriers have to be lowered for them and productivity has to suffer to skirt around their inadequacies.

In a sane world organizations would do the opposite and realize (as was common accepted knowledge like our ancestors did) the shortcomings most of these people from those groups possess. It should be required that these "groups" go through even more strict filtering so that only the truly competent can pass on to these specialized positions.

But such a thought isnt considered kosher these days. The West Coast and New York really should've been annexed (or "disappeared") from the United States. Biggest group of wealthy, evil, psycho, delusional, degenerate fags Ive ever seen that only live to excessively virtue signal, self-indulge, and self-worship while corrupting and unfortunate land they step foot in.