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Rules of Christ is King Forum


The goal of the Christ is King forums is to foster a spiritually healthy environment that allows all Christians to enjoy a stress free, highly informative, and spiritually prosperous discussion. To that end, there are simple rules that everyone must follow.

1. Be humble. Always be willing to admit that anything which relies on empirical evidence (information that derives from the senses, as opposed to that which is revealed by God) may be false or not as it appears. This does not mean one cannot have sincere beliefs, but to admit that “hey, I'm only human and I cannot know everything.” Even when there is overwhelming evidence supporting one theory, it is still going to be against the forum rules to argue in circles insisting that you are right.

When discussing any empirical topic, be humble, do not assume you have all the answers, and, even if someone is wrong, be forgiving to them because it is so easy to err with perceptions.

2. Be loving. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Do not assume they disagree with you because they are malicious or simply want to give you a difficult time. Assume they are seeking the truth just like you are. Even if someone is dumb and makes a silly mistake, do not make fun of them but forgive them quickly as we all make dumb mistakes. Virtually everyone has subjects they are stupid in. Being dumb is not a sin. It is fine to admit if you've been dumb too, it will keep you humble. Therefore, being overly judgmental is against the forum rules, and making assumptions about people you haven't met are against the rules.

Remember, loving your neighbor as yourself is the essence of love. Members will be held to that standard and if they are not able to speak to others as they would speak to themselves then they are violating this rule.

To build on the above, swearing against people is against the rules. This includes politicians. Swearing against objects, such as cussing at the quality of a car, is tolerated in small quantities. Gratuitous swearing is prohibited, but swearing used as a crutch is tolerated. Insults against public figures are tolerated, as long they are posted with proof. Insults against anyone, without proof, is against the rules. Finally, unless someone is being excessively abusive, such as posting lewd images, then it is against the rules to insult another forum member, even banned members. Be loving, even unto our enemies.

3. Respect God. Trust God. Love God. Be Grateful to His Son and our High Priest, Jesus Christ. It is one thing to say you do not have faith in God, or believe in the Christ. Confessions of belief or unbelief are fine. But anyone disrespecting God or Jesus, with insults, polemics, crude or lewd humor, gets an immediate permanent ban.

4. All posted images and videos must be clean. No posting whores, or soft-porn(genitals being visible through clothing), no gore, or excessive violence. Videos of events that really happened may always be posted, unless it is truly horrific. In general, showing reality is preferred no matter how ugly or offensive it may be, with the exception of scat or extremely vulgar images and videos must use SPOILER tags. But something like posting the torture of someone is not allowed.

5. No off-topic or low-quality posting. Post in appropriate threads and help keep discussion focused and organized. Repeat offenders will be punished. No using text speak or spamming the forum with low value posts. No doom-posting or black pilling. No flat earth nonsense, or other empirical theories that defy all common sense. Quality is greatly preferred to quantity.

6. No illegal posting. “Give unto Caesar what is Caesars'', and give unto God what is Gods'.” Follow the law in whatever country you are posting from. Do not in any circumstance advocate to break the law or else receive a swift ban.

7. Stay Anonymous. Sadly, the internet is a dangerous place full of psychopaths. Do not post revealing details about yourself, do not dox others, and be very careful about how you share information. In general, use vague terms to describe yourself if necessary, and use the PM function to share contact details with those you actually trust. Take truly private details off-forum (such as telegram) to be as safe as possible.

8. No duplicate accounts. One account per person, except for the owners who need to bug test with dummy accounts.

9. Follow Individual Forum Rules. Most sub-forums will have it's own individual rules tailored to the discussion, and these rules must be respected. The above rules are always present, forum-wide, and no sub-forum may contradict the above rules.
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Ban rules took longer to develop, but Scorpion and I have agreed upon a system through trial and error and I think it is codified at this point.

Ban Rules

Two types of bans: Warnings (Temp bans) and Permanent Bans.

Perma bans are given to those who really earn it; Spammers, newbies who come into the forum with nothing but insults and garbage posts, or members who become so destructive there is no hope of helping them. Perma bans are last resort, similar to the death penalty, and it takes a tremendous amount of hostility to earn one.

Temp bans are given through warnings, and come in the following levels:

5-points: 1-week ban
10-points: 2-weeks ban
15-points: 1-month ban
20-points: 1-year ban

Typically, after a year ban all points will have reset.

Points are given based on moderator discretion, but generally the mod philosophy is to be gentle. 1-point warnings for random infractions are the most common. Points are given with 1-3 month expiration dates, also based on mod discretion. However for members who continuously violate the rules in a small timeframe (such as within a week), with no respect to the forum or moderators, will be given harsher warnings with more points. This is generally done to reach a ban threshold, and give the member a timeout.

A 1-point warning is nothing, sort of like a parking ticket. Just avoid doing the warned behavior again within a modest time frame and you've got nothing to worry about. But test the rules, and then the moderators will be forced to get harsh.

These rules are designed to keep a healthy Christian environment. There is no need to fear the rules; you can still rebuke people, like Christ did, yet still be good and kind, and you'll have nothing to worry about.
Updated Rule 4 to include SPOILER tags for scat or disgusting images and videos (provided it is a real event, of course).