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Protestant Podcast/Media recommendations

Myth of the 20th Century (introduced me to Stone Choir and many others) - excellent long format historical discussion
The myth is that the Allies won the second world war (though discussion is rarely about this directly, mostly very interesting deep dives into history, culture, places, industry, etc.)

Tim Kelly's Our Interesting Times (weekly podcast, great summary of current events and guest interviews. Has tons of great guests including frequent appearances from E Mike Jones).

*WarStrike - extremely long form (4-7 hours!) with Warren Balogh and Erik Stryker. New show with the hottest takes you will find on current events. Ep 9 blew me away--it's getting better every week.

*Modern Politics - Warren and Emily Youcis

Stone Choir is very good religious discussion but I only listen to occasional episodes because it's almost too thorough and detailed for me. Ep 1 is a must listen for anyone here. (Why Women Cannot Teach)

Hardcore History with Dan Carlin - the best history teacher you never had

The Third Rail - dissident political discussion from a long time journalist, and panel of current thinkers

Pete Quinones Show - guest driven, former libertarian, alt right guy, based and moved out of the city, found a wife and homesteading

*Prussian Socialism with Greg Conte - great historical commentary

All of the above are fantastic. All are available on podcast apps, with the exception of those marked * which are browser only and require a live internet connection

This guy has a really neat channel. He basically creates replicas of much of the ritualistic imagery of the Old Testament, such as the Ark of the Covenant, the High Priest's robes, the Tabernacle, etc. In this episode, he recreates the grain offering in Leviticus.

Those sections of the Bible have long, detailed descriptions of how these things were constructed, so it's beneficial to have something like this to better understand what the text is describing.