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Hollywood Is Run Like A Satanic Cult


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Dropping the 'is' from this title.

Anne Heche was an actress seen trying to escape a body bag, being taken to a hospital after a car crash.


One eye pose and monarch butterfly on the headstone.
I never understood why they killed her or why she crashed her car. IIRC there was security camera footage of her zooming past a house in her car, just before it crashed. Or is she really even dead? Faked?
Katt Williams was right.

Citing as an example of alleged grooming he experienced by Combs, Jones claims that Combs encouraged him to watch producer and reality TV personality Steven ‘Stevie J’ Jordan, someone who Combs allegedly knew Jones admired professionally, engage in sex with another man.

“This was done to ease Mr. Jones’ anxiety concerning homosexuality,” the suit alleges. “According to Mr. Combs, ‘this is a normal practice in the music industry, look even Stevie J is doing it.’”

Stevie J is not accused of wrongdoing and is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit. In a statement to CNN, he called Jones’ allegations “false.”

“My lawyer will be handling this going forward,” Stevie J added.

Jones also alleges in the suit that Combs is liable for a sexual assault he says he experienced by Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding, Jr., which allegedly took place “on a yacht rented by Mr. Combs in the US Virgin Islands in January 2023.”

“Mr. Combs was present while Mr. Jones was being assaulted by Cuba Gooding Jr.,” the suit alleges. “Mr. Jones was legally on the premises as a guest and invitee of Mr. Combs. Cuba Gooding Jr. was legally on the premises as a guest and invitee of Mr. Combs.”
Hollywood serves as the "ministry of propaganda" for the global order, which I believe to be anti-Christian and, in essence, satanic. The portrayal of satanism in popular culture as a practice involving blood drinking, pentagrams, and heavy black makeup is a psy-op, a manipulative effort to misdirect our perception of what satanism truly represents.

The true nature of satanism lies in the promotion of sin, fostering fear over faith. Satan is a seducer, not a horned, hoofed figure or the red cartoonish character with three teeth often depicted in media. In the early Middle Ages, the concept of Satanism as a distinct practice or belief system was not yet formed. The fear of the devil was more abstract, tied to personal sin rather than organized groups or rituals.

Those who advocate for practices such as sodomy or abortion, however, embody the true spirit of satanism. They are often well-dressed, eloquent, and popular, unassumingly spreading messages of sin and moral corruption. Their devilish possession is evident in their conviction and belief in the black ideas they promote.