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If you would like to donate to Christ is King and its upcoming associated magazine, details will follow below. The financial situation with this project is not strained, so do not feel the need to donate unless you have money to spare. Most donated money will be used to pay authors of articles for the magazine, which will likely be the main route for growth for both websites.

For privacy reasons, only donations via cryptocurrency are accepted. The recommended method of donation is Monero, which is untraceable.

Once you have sent a donation, PM @Cynllo the details, so receipt can be confirmed.

Monero Donations

If you are familiar with cryptocurrency, you can find a list of exchanges to buy it on here and here.

The address to send Monero to is: 497CbfqKGmJHBBvcdh2LeTEB9SjwV3fQCKomcUnoTiQGLfifvHaQ1osQ9csfhyW3CJ1Dithk5JQKK9KKejvRocXqKtHUrbi

If you are not familiar with using cryptocurrency, you can easily make a donation in Monero in a few minutes by following the guide in the below quote. It is recommended to make a small donation to start with, to ensure you follow the correct steps.

Step 1 (optional): Create a Monero wallet - this is for extra privacy, so the Monero merchant cannot connect your card payment to the Christ is King Monero address.

1) Go to the website: https://wallet.mymonero.com/

2) Press [Create new wallet]


3) Select [GOT IT] and press [Next]


4) Save the mnemonic (list of word like a password used to access your Monero wallet)


5) Verify the first several words of the mnemonic and press [Confirm]


6) After a short time, your wallet will be created. Click on [My Monero Wallet]


7) Your Monero wallet address is listed. Press [COPY] to save it to your clipboard.


Step 2 (required) - Buy Monero

1) Go to the ChangeNOW site - https://changenow.io/buy/monero

2) Enter the amount of currency you'd like to purchase Monero with. In this case $160 USD.


3) Enter the address you'd like to send Monero to in the [Recipient Wallet] field. If you created your own wallet to increase privacy, as in the above step, that will be the address you received in step 1, section 7. If you are sending direct to the Christ is King Monero address. It is: 497CbfqKGmJHBBvcdh2LeTEB9SjwV3fQCKomcUnoTiQGLfifvHaQ1osQ9csfhyW3CJ1Dithk5JQKK9KKejvRocXqKtHUrbi. Ensure Guardarian is selected at the bottom. Notice the large difference in price. Then press [Next]


4) Accept the terms and press [Confirm]


5) Select your payment method (Visa & MasterCard in this case), accept the terms, and press [Continue]


6) Proceed to enter your payment details. Once complete we should receive the Monero within several minutes.

Step 3 (optional): If you decided to create your own Monero wallet (step 1) you should receive them to that wallet within a few minutes. You'll now need to send them to the Christ is King Monero address.

1) Return to https://wallet.mymonero.com/

2) Press [Use existing wallet]


3) Enter the mnemonic you received in step 1, section 4, and press [Next]


4) Press the send button from the left-hand menu


5) Enter the amount of Monero you'd like to send. Note that you need a small amount of Monero to send Monero (as a transaction fee). You can see below the amount is an estimated transaction fee. Subtract that from the amount you'd like to send. If you are sending everything in the wallet, it will not send unless your wallet can also cover this transaction fee. As of writing the transaction fee is 4 cents. Enter the Christ is King Monero address (497CbfqKGmJHBBvcdh2LeTEB9SjwV3fQCKomcUnoTiQGLfifvHaQ1osQ9csfhyW3CJ1Dithk5JQKK9KKejvRocXqKtHUrbi) in the [To] field. Press [Send]. The Monero should arrive in the Christ is King wallet within a few minutes.


You can also buy Monero with multiple payments methods for LocalMonero.
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Are there any other magazines you guys would currently recommend?

I think Nitter beats out longer-form content. With Twitter you can take in lots of data points, to make a broad picture of what is going on. For people who produce longer content, I like Auron Macintyre.

Users who have donated now have a "Philanthropist" badge. If you want it removed, send a PM.