Bible Project on YouTube


Orthodox Curious
I'd like to share a channel that I've been following:

I am posting here as I don't have sufficient privileges to post in the Orthodox forums.

While certainly these videos are no substitute for going to church, I find that for some topics I am able to gain greater clarity due to the simple presentation style.

I'd like to get the opinions of other forum members here, to see if they're missing anything, or if they're presenting their topics in the right light.

A few videos as examples:

The Bible Project is really great, in depth, very well thought out presentations of biblical stories and themes.
They have a great balance between scholarly interpretation and culture without feeding into woke agenda and evangelical christian nonsense.

I haven't listened in a year or two maybe, but i've heard enough podcasts and seen enough videos that they certainly attempt to give a clear, accurate examination of the bible to people in a clear and concise way. Even making videos about every book in the bible in cartoon format with explanation.

Tim Mackie - one of the co founders and speakers on the podcast is at a Phd level for Hebrew studies which gives a nice balance of biblical knowledge whilst still being applicable against modern culture.

This thread is a good reminder for me to go back and listen.
My main concern was the channel may be a (((subverted))) interpretation, but glad to see that's not the case yet.

These days one has to proceed on the assumption that everything on YT could be twisted; we've seen enough censorship of truth to know that is always a real possibility.