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  1. StanWildman

    The Jewish Question (JQ)

    Things are breaking through on YouTube - Jimmy Dore, Candace Owens, Judge Napolitano, The Greyzone, Glenn Greenwald. Of course E. Michael Jones on Rumble and occasionally Youtube. A shift is happening.
  2. StanWildman

    Donald Trump: Criticism & Debate Thread

    Yes white people are afraid to fight the authorities, both cultural and political, and instead have bought into the fiction that Left-Right politics defines the realm of possible action and progress. But white replacement began 60 years ago with the ascendance of anti-family ideology throughout...
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    Donald Trump: Criticism & Debate Thread

    Right. The US political process is a blend of long term and short term effects because of the potential for new players after every term of office, and the fact that usually there are only 2 choices of who will be in office each term. If you want to think long term, you have to see it as a...
  4. StanWildman

    Digital nomad jobs

    This is a great point showing why it is critical for anyone thinking of leaving for another country to really do their research before going too far without all necessary knowledge. Unless you are sitting on a pile of cash to supplement what you can earn outside the US, you must be willing to...
  5. StanWildman

    The Fat People Thread

    Very nice, good quality too. Thank you and thank goodness for vimeo! Scruton does not get too deeply into the root of the aesthetic of ugliness, but he asks the question. It is interesting to reflect, in light of how the media and publication market crashed and burned during that decade, that...
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    The Fat People Thread

    Try to find a decent copy of the Roger Scruton documentary, "Why Beauty Matters" produced by the BBC back in 2008 or so. On the face of it it is utterly benign and intelligent, and for a time was a top-selling DVD for the BBC. Then, gone. Last time I checked the only version available online was...
  7. StanWildman

    The Fat People Thread

    One positive thing about clown world is we are surrounded by jokes that write themselves. Clearly the criteria in these contests have changed to accurately reflect the title; in this case that means the winner will more closely resemble the land mass and the young victor obviously is closest in...
  8. StanWildman

    Friendly GOC or based ROCOR?

    This is all really good advice. I am going to visit both for certain. Going to a church that is far away would mean having far less involvement, apart from weekly liturgy, at that location, but right now I don't attend any church at all so maybe once a week is the appropriate ramp up anyway. I...
  9. StanWildman

    Friendly GOC or based ROCOR?

    Yes I definitely am coming in with a host of prejudices to jettison, actual visiting seems like the thing to do before overthinking it. Thanks for the insight on the Ancient Faith resources! Thank you for the reminder!
  10. StanWildman

    Friendly GOC or based ROCOR?

    Looking for an Orthodox church to visit, and this is my first stab at checking out a physical church. Here is the dilemma, tl/dr: I feel like ROCOR is a good fit for me and I've got a ROCOR church pretty far away that seems to not be overly enthused about having new people "visit" a liturgy...
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    Outstanding quotes and aphorisms
  12. StanWildman

    "I see bad people in Church'"

    My experience going to Methodist services for quite a few years because of family obligations fits this description exactly. I blame myself mainly, but all in all it was a bad fit. From what I have seen many Protestant churches are like this but there seems to be a sizable population who...
  13. StanWildman

    Fear of and getting rid of bed bugs

    This is absolutely not true. We have dealt with the problem and sometimes the main sign will be the bites/welts which are like something between a mosquito bite and a spider bite. They tend to last much longer than mosquito bites, but they do NOT need to be bleeding and you often will see no...
  14. StanWildman

    Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel

    Here is Bojan's take last night, good perspective I think
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    Coffee Thread (our colleague Bird did the heavy lifting to make some of the old threads accessible - he has our gratitude) Full list of available threads here:
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    What Supplements Do You Take?

    This was a good tip, Samseau. Having a chronic sore knee I went right out and got a bottle of the best available at my local discount club store -- a Youtheory brand with Collagen types 1,2,3 -- and after a week of taking 6000 mg daily the knee is much improved. Mobility is improved and pain...
  17. StanWildman

    Dress Shirts

    For those of us still buying off the rack, Jos A Banks is surprisingly good quality. Maybe a level down from what OP is thinking about -- but I know people who run businesses where everyone still wears business attire and needs to look good among all sorts of clients, and JAB is first on the...
  18. StanWildman

    What Supplements Do You Take?

    Jarrow, as I mentioned in an earlier post, and also Doublewood Supplements, are 2 that I know have done well on the consumer labs testing sites - generally you have to pay to get this type of information and periodically people will share info they got access to. I learned about Doublewood a...
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    I find papaya seeds to be like pepper, not a bad addition to any food and not disagreeable. Eating them on fruit cancels out the bitterness.
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    DO NOT BE CONSTIPATED when you embark on an anti-parasite regime. Otherwise there will be problems that might leave you worse off than simply living with worms. Hydration and avoidance of foods that cause binding are extremely important. I think 5+ 12 oz glasses a water per day is the minimum...