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  • With Cynllo about to hit 1000 posts, Novak is dropping by to say great work!

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    Respect for your dedication here in developing and maintaining this forum. Keep up the efforts and your hopeful drive and energy for creation.

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    Incredibly impressed at what you were able to do so quickly with this forum. You make it look like a walk in the park. I can also tell you're a sharp cookie and I don't meet many that impress me mentally. You're doing a real service, and deserve lots of gratitude.
    The dedication to improving this forum from both a strategic and web development perspective is so admirable, Cynllo is worth his weight in Bitcoin!
    Have been preferring the 22X-to-ATH bull run in ALEX. 3rd largest holding in $-terms.

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    This is DeFi on top of BTC, on the essential Bitcoin L2 Stacks. Stacks has 6X'd, Alex 22X. Buy when they get dumped back down. I didn't buy as much Stacks as I should have at the beginning of the year, because the project was not as active as I thought it should be. But there is ferocious buying activity behind it, as people see the sense of smart contracts on top of Bitcoin, rather than on ETH, SOL, etc. If the Stacks ecosystem is beefed out, this will see a #10 position. With how I am choosing and projecting coins, I have #10 earmarked as $70B cap.
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